1.1 - ORDERS
Purchases with Shopatvoi.com are simple and safe. To obtain the best experience from the site you can start by logging into your personal account or registering through LOGIN or SIGN IN buttons and follow the on screen instructions. As an alternative you can access as GUEST LOGIN and set one up after your purchase in order to have quick access to previous orders and saved addresses for faster shopping next time round.  As VOI CUSTOMER you can examine the collections, choose the products and place the chosen goods in your SHOPPING BAG.

Our boutiques have been running internationally for over 10 years and now we run successfully the online store Shopatvoi.com. The online store suggests original clothing and accessories of the best brands of international fashion. Thanks to the exclusive service and to the unmistakable style of VOI, shopping online will become a unique moment of pleasure. To surf through the proposals, simply select the category and proceed to refine your search to view the product selection. Every product has its description and includes images, price, composition, available sizes and colors.
By clicking ADD TO CART the chosen item will be added to the SHOPPING CART. This allows to surf on other pages of the site, before finalizing the order.
In every moment it is possible to add new items or, with the REMOVE ITEM button, you may delete selected ones.
With CHECKOUT you virtually leave your shopping cart and you will be introduces to the payment page where you can choose your way to pay. Billing address, delivery address and payment type will be requested before CONFIRMATION.
The order will be accepted once your bank authorizes the transaction.
The acceptance of the orders is scheduled in weekdays, from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm. The orders placed during the weekend will be processed from the following Monday morning.

The online store, shopatvoi.com, offers to its customers the chance to pay by credit card or Paypal. There is no other accepted method of payment. The financial information of the customer that buys on the website shopatvoi.com (credit card number, expiry date, and other personal data) will be exclusively managed by 2Checkout, the bank in charge of all on line transactions. Thanks to an encrypted code no one will be able to retrieve the personal financial data. The operators of the Shopatvoi.com are not authorized or able to obtain information on credit cards and bank account numbers of the customer. The first order of every new client must be verified with the bank that emitted the credit card. In particular, before charging the amount of the purchase on the credit card of the client, shopatvoi.com allows 2Checkout to verify the transaction with the customer's bank. This procedure, executed only for the first order by a new client, could cause some days of delivery delay, but ensures to both the customer and shopatvoi.com security of transaction.

1.2.1 - CREDIT CARD 
On the web site shopatvoi.com Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, JCB, Discover cards are accepted.

Once the purchase has been made, the customer provides his credit card details in a protected electronic system controlled by PAYPAL.com that grants maximum security during the transaction. If the credit card covers the order amount and the given details are valid, the PAYPAL authorizes the transaction. The customer will receive an e-mail that will confirm the successful transaction.
Further information available at www.paypal.com, www.visa.com, www.mastercard.com and www.americanexpress.com

1.2.2 PAYPAL
Customers may also pay purchase with verified PayPal accounts. Shopatvoi.com accepts PayPal payment coming from verified account and reserves the right to send the merchandise only to the address indicated in the verified account.

All the payments sent from unverified PayPal account will be cancelled.


Shopatvoi.com will deliver in Italy and all over the world thanks to the TNT express service. The products delivered from Shopatvoi.com are packed properly and carefully to ensure protection of the goods.
All items travel with the purchase invoice that shows the quantity and value of goods.

Shopatvoi.com grants for all the deliveries a free assurance against theft and accidental damage during the shipment. The assurance is valid until the merchandise reaches destination.

Each order, regularly placed and paid, will be shipped within two/five working days. Shipments depart from our department store: BRAND TRADE SRL, via Manzoni 112b Napoli (Italy) on working days only, from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm. Orders placed from Saturday to Sunday will be handled on the following Monday.

The customer can monitor his shipment status at any time, thanks to our TNT service. The customer will receive a confirmation mail when the merchandise departs that includes the tracking number that allows the customer to monitor progress.

The delivery time is conditioned by the destination of the shipment.

We offer FREE shipping on all orders over €150. Shipping costs for orders below €150 is €10.


Once the goods reach destination it is the customer’s duty to carefully inspect the packaging before signing and therefore accepting the parcel. If conditions of the parcel suggest that it has been tampered with or damaged the customer has the right to refuse the delivery. Such issues should be communicated immediately to the local TNT office and to Shopatvoi.com customer service. If the customer refuses delivery all expenses involved in returning the goods to Shopatvoi.com will be deducted from the refund due to the customer. If the delivery was impossible to make due to the address details provided by the customer at the moment of purchase all expenses involved in returning the goods to Shopatvoi.com will be deducted from the refund due to the customer.

Shopatvoi.com grants a high level of customer service. It’s possible to receive updates and information about your order status by sending an e-mail to our customer service.

Shopatvoi.com wishes to ensure complete satisfaction to their customers also by offering the opportunity to return one or more ordered items and receive a refund equal to the price of the returned items. The return of the goods are at the expense and under the responsibility of the Customer that will need to act within 7 days after delivery date and then only if the goods meet all the “conditions of return” listed below.

1 - All items for sale on the site Shopatvoi.com are delivered with an authenticity card attached to the clothing using a disposable safety seal bearing VOI logo. The clothing must be tried for size without removing this card and without damaging the seal. Returns will be accepted only with the safety seal perfectly intact, which may be a plastic seal on wire or in the case of some shoes, a label placed on the sole. We will in no case accept returns with the safety seal chipped, broken, disconnected, removed or tampered with.

2 - The Items that have any sign of use or wear will not be accepted and will be returned to the client.
3 – The items needs to be returned under the same conditions in which they were shipped to the customer and must be wrapped and packed properly.
4 - All the other labels of the item, both in tissue or pending, must never be removed from the article.
5 - The goods to be returned must be handed over only to TNT Express Courier within 7 days from the date of delivery
6 - The customer who wishes to undertake size, color or item change, must perform “The Return Procedure”, see below and make a new order on the site Shopatvoi.com
7 – Shopatvoi.com will not accept returns for underwear items.
 In case of failed return, the customer will have to comply with the conditions listed above, Shopatvoi.com reserves the right not to accept the goods delivered and returned to the client at the expense of the latter.

In order to return a received item please follow carefully “the return procedure” that we here describe through the following steps:

1. Send a return request to info@shopatvoi.com within 7 days from the goods receipt. Please include Order Number and Code(s) of the item(s)
2. Send the package back to BRAND TRADE SRL, Via A. Manzoni 112/b Napoli (Italia). The return shipment of goods is customer full responsibility. The expedition is at the risk of the Customer: Shopatvoi.com is not responsible for any loss or damage due to inadequate packaging or delay in delivery. The articles must be returned in the same package in which they were received or same type. Return delivery costs are on the back of the Customer.
All items will be made subject to inspection by the Shopatvoi.com staff that will verify compliance with the conditions of return. Shopatvoi.com reserves the right to assess additional charges if they prove necessary to ensure the resale of the returned items. These amounts will be determined after the evaluation of the condition of the returned items and communicated to the Customer.

If the return procedure was performed properly, in compliance with all mentioned conditions, the Customer will receive an email of acceptance of occurred return. The reimbursement will usually happen by redirecting the amount due to the processed credit card (if the case the order was paid by credit card) or PayPal account (if the order was paid with PayPal).


In order to make purchases on the website Shopatvoi.com, you must:

1 – be a “Final Customer”, meaning that whoever makes and order has no intention to use the purchased goods for resale or any other commercial use
2 - be over 18 years of age 
3 - meet the legal requirements for subscribing a binding contract; 
4 - have a Shopatvoi.com account or a valid e-mail address; 
5 - hold a verified PayPal account or credit card accepted for payment at Shopatvoi.com; 
6 – be aware and accept that the use of the website Shopatvoi.com is governed by the laws in force in the Italian Republic.

All contents of the website Shopatvoi.com  (texts, images, fonts, graphic design, music, software, codes and format scripts) are exclusive property of BRAND TRADE SRL l and are protected by copyright. They can not be reproduced in any way unless under express prior and written consent by BRAND TRADE SRL. Similarly, it is categorically forbidden any use of content and brands on the site (copy, reproduction, modification, transmission, publication or redistribution) unless specifically authorized by BRAND TRADE SRL.

Shopatvoi.com declines any liability connected to the unfortunate event in which, due to a malfunction or particular configuration of customer's computer or screen, the colors of products shown on the site do not faithfully reflect the original item. If, however, discrepancies between the items online and those represented on the site - due to sudden change. Customer Service of Shopatvoi.com agrees to provide timely inform customers in the event of non availability of ordered items from the site.
Shopatvoi.com guarantees the protection of its website in accordance with international standards for Internet, but declines any responsibility to deal with problems, damage and risks that the client may encounter while using the site or any malfunctions associated with the decommissioning of cookies browser.
Using this site Shopatvoi.com - which contains information about item and how to purchase them - meaning that the user / customer accepts the rules and terms and conditions of this declaration. Non-acceptance of such permits allows Shopatvoi.com to exercise the right to request the users / customers of not use of the mentioned site.

The purchase of the goods suggested on the site Shopatvoi.com is reserved for “Final Customers” only as described in the point no. 5.1 above and here briefly summarized: “Final Customer”=User of the Shopatvoi.com platform who makes only personal purchases with no further commercial or professional reasons connected to the goods involved.

Shopatvoi.com invites all users that do not identify in the above description to refrain from making orders. Shopatvoi.com will therefore decline orders from users that fail to comply to the Trade Policy.
Shopatvoi.com reserves the right to:
a) refuse enforcement of an order in the event that our bank (2Checkout) delivers a negative opinion after checking the transaction with the customer's bank
b) to refuse its services or evasion of orders to anyone at any given time, to make corrections and / or changes to the site and its contents if it deems necessary and without giving prior notice, and is also committed - if reported or spotted - to make corrections of any technical errors or wording on the site.
Shopatvoi.com cannot in any way guarantee that the site content (text, images, fonts, graphic design, music, software, codes and format scripts) comply with regulatory requirements in countries other than the Italian Republic. Shopatvoi.com declines any liability for access to the site from other places or countries where their content is deemed illegal or contrary to law. All users accessing the site from these places or countries are doing so under their own responsibility fully accepting that they are solely responsible for compliance with local laws and penalties that they may incur.
For any dispute arising or resulting from this contract, the parties derogated from by agreement the jurisdiction of court in favor of Napoli.
All personal data supplied by the client will be treated in full respect of D. Decree 196/2003, Art. 13 and following of the Italian Republic. 

While fully respecting the rights of the Customer and to ensure complete satisfaction, Shopatvoi.com grants to Customers the right of withdrawal, as required by Legislative Decree 22 May 1999 185 "Implementation of Directive 97 / 7/CE on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts "which refers to article 5 

Exercising the right of withdrawal 
1. The consumer has the right to terminate any contract, without penalty and without specifying the reason, within ten working days: a) for goods, from the days of their receipt by the consumer where they have been fulfilled the obligations of Article 4 or the day on which they have been met, when they do so after the conclusion of the contract provided that no more than three months after the conclusion thereof; 
b) for services, the day the contract is concluded or the day on which have been fulfilled the obligations under Article 4, if this happens after the conclusion of the contract provided that no more than three months after the conclusion thereof. 
2. In the event that the supplier has not fulfilled its obligations under Article 4, the deadline for exercising the right of withdrawal and 'of three months and begin: 
a) for goods, from the days of their receipt by the consumer; 
b) for services, from the days of the conclusion of the contract. 
3. Unless otherwise agreed between the parties, the consumer may not exercise the right of withdrawal provided for in paragraphs 1 and 2 for the contracts: 
a) the provision of services if performance has begun, with the consumer's agreement before the expiry of the period of ten days referred to in paragraph 1; 
b) the supply of goods or services whose price and 'tied to fluctuations in the financial market that the supplier is not' in control; 
c) the supply of goods made to specifications or clearly personalized or which by their nature, cannot be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly; 
d) the supply of audiovisual products or computer software unsealed by the consumer; 
e) the supply of newspapers, periodicals and magazines; 
f) for gaming and lottery. 
4. The withdrawal right is exercised by sending, within the deadline, a written communication to the geographical headquarters of the supplier by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. The notice may be sent within the same period, by telegram, telex, facsimile, provided that it is confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 48 hours. 
5. If the goods have been delivered to the consumer and 'obliged to return or make available to the supplier or person designated by him in the manner and timing of the contract. The deadline for returning the property may not be less than ten working days from the date of receipt. 
6. The only costs payable by the consumer for exercising the right of withdrawal pursuant to this article is the direct cost of returning the property to the sender, where expressly authorized by contract. 
7. If the right of withdrawal and 'exercised by the consumer in accordance with the provisions of this Article, the supplier and' obliged to repay the sums paid by the consumer. The reimbursement should be free, in the shortest time possible and in any case within thirty days from the date on which the supplier and 'learned exercise the right of withdrawal by the consumer. 
8. If the price of goods or services covered by a contract, either wholly or partly covered by credit extended to consumers by the supplier or third parties under an agreement between them and the supplier, the credit agreement means cancelled, without penalty, if the consumer exercises his right of withdrawal in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraphs. It’s obliged of the supplier to submit the third credit grantor that it has right of withdrawal by the consumer. Any amounts paid by the third which gave the credit to the payment of goods or services until it has knowledge of the future right of withdrawal by the consumer shall be refunded to the third provider, without penalty, subject the payment of statutory interest accrued. 
The refund must necessarily happen, at the expense and under the responsibility of the Customer within 7 days after delivery and then only on condition that the leaders made are integrated and never used.