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"In the Cantarelli lounge - where art comes alive in all its colour and variety - six people relax and enjoy each others’ company. 
Imagine a top-class hotel in an international capital city, where the relaxing atmosphere is enhanced by the setting and its contemporary design features.
The keynote features are the elegance of the pinstriped suits and the fact that the people are evidently in plaster casts. But the plaster doesn’t hamper freedom of movement… and it does nothing to temper the overall sense of style conveyed. 
“InGessato con Stile is a cute play on words, or a pun” Alessandro Cantarelli tells us (‘in gessato’ meaning ‘pinstripe’ and ‘ingessato’ meaning ‘with a plaster cast’, hence ‘in a plaster cast but with style’). “This pun reflects our philosophy, which is to try to overcome the current general feeling of inactivity or of things having come to a halt”. “Through irony, or wit, we wish to stimulate our customers’ curiosity and suggest they should avoid being conditioned by the difficulties we’re faced with today, and should favour the blend of exclusive style and untrammelled comfort expressed in our new collection”.

This coming together of style and comfort is the true leitmotif of the Cantarelli range. Here, the art of tailoring comes into its own (the finishing work is all by hand). Please note also the decidedly low-key cut of the coat, the variety of the solutions adopted for the jersey cloth, and our use of garment-washing and -dyeing. Alessandro Cantarelli adds, “A requisite our customers have always insisted on is absolute top quality - combined, however, with an equally absolute commitment to research and innovation”. “We are therefore under a moral obligation to satisfy our customers, but we must also surprise them”. “It is with these imperatives in mind that, for 2009, we dedicated a huge amount of attention not just to the cut but also to our yarns and fabrics - our aim being, ambitiously, to place our tailoring traditions at the service of what we call the new Natural Comfort. Comfort as a prerequisite for our items featuring exclusive jersey fabrics, produced only with natural fibres, to provide wearers with eye-catching solutions which also embody the comfort and warmth of a second skin.”
So, for our Autumn/Winter 2009 collection, Natural Comfort represents a new, exclusive standard for male elegance. Cantarelli exploits a sense of irony to underscore the pleasure element – with the accent on the sheer ‘wearability’ of its strikingly original creations." ~ Cantarelli web
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